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Amanda Ramos

Amanda Ramos has always wanted to make the world a sweeter place. Already baking by the time she was in high school, she loved to experiment with cakes and desserts. It was in fact at her own birthday party (where she had made the baked goods herself) when she realized something important. A beautiful dessert can bring a smile to someone’s face. The joy that she saw in her guests while they admired her cupcakes and tasted her birthday cake sparked a new passion in Amanda. She realized that she could bring that joy back to people over and over again through the magic of dessert. She had found her calling, and it was pastry.

After graduating from Middle Georgia State University with a degree in Business Administration, she headed off to West Palm Beach, FL determined to make her dreams a reality. With big ambitions of becoming a first-class pastry chef, Amanda enrolled in the International Baking and Patisserie course at The Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach and graduated at the top of her class. Afterwards, she was hand-picked to become a pastry cook at the world-renowned Breakers resort Palm Beach, FL. While at the 5-star resort, she worked her way up from a Pastry Cook 1 to Chef Brigade.

After years of working out of state, Amanda and her husband, Chris (her high school sweetheart), decided that it was time to move closer to family and friends and to perhaps start thinking about expanding their own family. They moved to Kingsland, GA, where she stumbled upon Nana Teresa’s, an adorable little bake shop in Fernandina Beach, FL. It was love at first sight, and Amanda was thrilled when she was immediately offered a position as Nana Teresa’s Executive Pastry Chef. While working at Nana Teresa’s, she let her imagination run wild, having the opportunity to try new creative techniques while crafting beautiful, edible works of art.

Amanda is ready to take the next step in her career and continue bringing joy and sweetness into the world with the launch of her bakery. Super Sweet Bake Shop is a licensed and inspected home-based bakery owned and operated by Amanda Ramos in Kingsland, GA. She is looking forward to growing her business and helping future clients find a little extra sweetness in their lives.

Please contact Amanda if you would like to work with her on your own special event.

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